Everything will go wrong on this street! Run as far as you can, collect coins and buy health insurance to defeat Murphy's Laws!

  • Watch out for bananas on the street, it could have bad consequences!
  • The rocket launched into space is out of orbit! You better not be on Murphy Street.
  • Today flowers are falling from the sky, use your dash skill to stay out of trouble.
  • Your neighbor dropped his cigarette out of the window, watch out for explosives around.
  • Don't ask how there is lightning on a rainless day! Anything can happen on Murphy Street...

Break your bad luck and defy Murphy's Laws by avoiding various obstacles! Only you can do this! Don't forget to take your insurance with you before you travel.


  • [Shift] = Dash
  • [Space]  = Jump

This game was developed within the scope of Anadolu Sigorta Mobile Game Hackathon in 64 hours. All of the code and art assets were produced by us during the jam.


  • Programming: Mustafa Mert ALADAĞ
  • Art: Serkan YILDIRIM

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